Time moves slowly here.

Time moves slowly here. The sun sets late and rises early. The sky stretches on for eternity and the birds are quite vocal. The sound that the leaves on the surrounding trees make as the wind chimes through is like the sound of an ancient rainmaker of ages past.


Glacier National Park

The birds chirping and singing their sweet praises to their Creator harmonize with the song of my soul this morning. The cool, crisp air. The golden, hot sun. The mountains encircling us into their world.

Participation in the Cup of Salvation

We have been granted participation in the cup of salvation because of Christ's incarnation. Though we stood in condemnation for our transgression, we have been afforded reconciliation by the saturation of God's love for us. We were stricken by our lamentation; our fragmentation had separated us from the fluidity and ease of the communication we … Continue reading Participation in the Cup of Salvation