Big Sky Country

In Big Sky Country, we met there And during our five weeks’ time, Our souls expanded freely to fill the open air.   Together, on our first day, when it was just us Friendship formed quickly, for I knew your vibrance and enthusiasm for life was contagious.   Your laughter never knew loneliness, as my … Continue reading Big Sky Country


Desperate to Fill the Emptiness

Why are we so terrified of feeling empty that we overstuff and overfill ourselves until that feeling becomes normalized. This feeling of discontentment, of not having enough… a feeling of tightness of chest and difficulty in breathing because your stomach is so expanded. So, in order to avoid the feeling of emptiness that continues to … Continue reading Desperate to Fill the Emptiness

“I learned more about unity than division at church”

I learned more about unity than division at churchI learned more about healing than being caused hurt I learned more about truth than dealing in lies I learned more about openness than masking inside --- I learned more about forgiveness than holding a grudge I learned more about joy than wallowing in mud I learned … Continue reading “I learned more about unity than division at church”