Big Sky Country

In Big Sky Country, we met there

And during our five weeks’ time,

Our souls expanded freely to fill the open air.


Together, on our first day, when it was just us

Friendship formed quickly, for

I knew your vibrance and enthusiasm for life was contagious.


Your laughter never knew loneliness, as my laughter joined yours.

We laughed – especially when we weren’t supposed to.

We bonded in silence and during weekly ranch chores


We woke up early – Well, mostly just me

We skipped to the outhouse, to “double pee”

Getting ready for bed meant preparing for war

The boys scared us silly, I fell down once more


The stench, once identified, seared the hairs in our nose

But we couldn’t address it because she tried to suppress it.

Outdoor showers when the Montana wind blows

Liam’s storytelling while we, around the fire, sit.


We watched as fresh hues of pink climbed the mountain slopes

As the sun opened one sleepy eye above the horizon

We prayed with the Blackfeet, and nurtured their hopes

We loved, we learned, and shared of the One


We did a lot together, Emma, you and me

But what I’ll never forget, ever.

Is that you helped me learn to live free


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