Unbound and Unshackled


[Reflection on an excerpt from C.S. Lewis’s Prince Caspian.]

Aslan and Bacchaeus and the wild people go through the town and with ivy they break an old bridge, a school house, and a desk back into nature. The power of simple ivy breaks and erodes bricks and man-made structures… a schoolhouse where boring half-history is being taught and the Truth of Aslan is not being taught.


Gwendolyn was the only one who didn’t flee and hesitated.


“Gwendolyn hesitated.

‘You’ll stay with us, sweetheart?’ said Aslan.

‘Oh, may I? Thank you, thank you,’ said Gwendolyn. Instantly she joined hands with two of the Maenads (the wild dancing girls), who whirled her round in a merry dance and helped her take off some of the unnecessary and uncomfortable clothes that she was wearing.”


This makes me wonder – One, are these wild people the ones who live in reckless freedom – unbound and unshackled?


“Wherever they went in the little town of Beruna it was the same. Most of the people fled, a few joined them… At every farm, animals came out to join them. Sad old donkeys who had never known joy grew suddenly young again; chained dogs broke their chains; horses kicked their carts to pieces and came trotting along with them.”


There is immense power in the freedom that Jesus Christ brings. His victory over shame and over death frees us of shackles and chains.


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