i opened my window today.

i breathed in fresh air, deep —

the mixture of light and pollen,

aromatic herbs and peace,

did, into my soul, seep


i drew a flower today.

well, most call it a weed.

i put pen to mark its intricacies

natural recursivity – compelling! and neat

creativity, my soul does need


i read a book today.

it’s about wilderness and the great unknown.

through words, my american mind

wanders to places of adventurous wonder

mountains, my soul must be shown


i drank some tea today.

it was a little too hot.

but i quickly forgave as i held onto

my lovely ceramic cup

tea? my soul needs a lot.


i went for a walk today.

a simple walk to mail a letter.

on my merry way, i discovered

that blissful peace grows slow all around.

with time, my soul feels better


i wrote a poem today.

see? you’re reading it here.

placing words on a page in a fantastical way

really, sometimes, just makes my day 🙂

yes — yes, my soul knows you’re near


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