you and me.

I thought of you today when my mind rested - briefly - amidst the rush of life. those moments, of thought, of you were spattered throughout today like flecks of sunshine on pavement as light dances through the branches of trees overhead while the breeze whispers enchantments In those encapsulated moments, we were together; yet, … Continue reading you and me.



i opened my window today. i breathed in fresh air, deep -- the mixture of light and pollen, aromatic herbs and peace, did, into my soul, seep   i drew a flower today. well, most call it a weed. i put pen to mark its intricacies natural recursivity - compelling! and neat creativity, my soul … Continue reading today

“I learned more about unity than division at church”

I learned more about unity than division at churchI learned more about healing than being caused hurt I learned more about truth than dealing in lies I learned more about openness than masking inside --- I learned more about forgiveness than holding a grudge I learned more about joy than wallowing in mud I learned … Continue reading “I learned more about unity than division at church”