i opened my window today. i breathed in fresh air, deep -- the mixture of light and pollen, aromatic herbs and peace, did, into my soul, seep   i drew a flower today. well, most call it a weed. i put pen to mark its intricacies natural recursivity - compelling! and neat creativity, my soul … Continue reading today


Big Sky Country

In Big Sky Country, we met there And during our five weeks’ time, Our souls expanded freely to fill the open air.   Together, on our first day, when it was just us Friendship formed quickly, for I knew your vibrance and enthusiasm for life was contagious.   Your laughter never knew loneliness, as my … Continue reading Big Sky Country


I reach the precipices your fortress beckons me to break through steadily I grow, I go onward and upward and stronger still I lean back precariously off of your wall mirroring the ballerina bending back dangerously far upward, upward upward I climb the reason, a mystery nevertheless, I climb you may cut me down but … Continue reading Ivy.

Experiences with Love – Questions and Ponderings

Do you have to experience love to know what it is? Is the understanding of "love" a priori knowledge, knowledge before or independent from experience; or is "love" a posteriori knowledge, an understanding based from experience? Do you have to experience love to know what it is? Is love something you inherently know? Or, do … Continue reading Experiences with Love – Questions and Ponderings